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Cambrei | Faith Christian Senior Session
Boulder Senior Portraits

I had a blast at this Faith Christian Senior Session. First of all, Cambrei is totally a riot. I think she knows just about everyone at Faith Christian Academy; I’ve never met someone so social! This makes her an incredible Brand Ambassador because she happily tells everyone about my studio. She does an awesome job posting and sharing content. She’s also really involved at school, which probably explains it! Cambrei plays soccer, is involved International Club, and also on the Speech & Debate team. She’s SO energetic and outgoing and positive ALL THE TIME. I love how smart and goofy she is.

Cambrei’s Faith Christian senior session was so awesome. BOTH of her parents came, which was so special. I don’t always get Dads on senior sessions, and sometimes, I don’t get parents at all! Her dad was really helpful and encouraging, holding her clothes and complimenting her. Cambrei’s mom also helped her change out her jewelry and shoes. It was so sweet! This session was also cool because we had to get creative. It was mid-day so we had to find nooks and spots of shade to find good lighting. Cambrei really loved the images against the white fence and we had to work for them! You’d NEVER guess just how many bees were there. Cambrei was a little freaked out and we were worried that she would get stung. Somehow, we managed to get her out without a scratch and with some awesome photos.

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