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I’m starting my day snuggled up in my favorite blanket with a coffee + a copy of this incredible new book, Grown, by Tiffany D. Jackson coming out 9/15/20.  Mondays are usually my day off since I work weekends, but I have another photo shoot tonight.  Since it will be a late night, I am treating myself to a lazy morning of reading to balance it out! 

You know how much I love my YA books, especially when they have heart and purpose behind them.  I have read two other books by @writeinbk because my friend Naomi @bookladyreads has raved about Tiffany Jackson in the past and they both were incredible.  I’m eager to dig into this one.  This book is ripped from the headlines of the #metoo movement and based loosely on the R Kelly trial. 

You also know how much I love my big, giant earrings! I’m excited to share that Epic Reads is offering a promotion to win a fun set of earrings to match the cover. I am so ALL IN!!  All you have to do is use the pre-order link in this blog post and submit your receipt and you can rock these beauties yourself.  


When Enchanted Jones is spotted by legendary R&B artist Korey Fields at an audition, her dreams of becoming a famous singer take flight.  But at what cost?  Her dreams turn into a nightmare when confronted with Korey’s dark controlling side.  Now he’s dead, police are at her door, and all signs point to her.  

Award winning author #tiffanydjackson delivers another incredible mystery that exposes what it means for a black girl to be seen as “grown”.  


You can get your own set of these stunning earrings! Just pre-order your book using the link below and upload your reciept.

To learn more about Tiffany D. Jackson books, head to her website. To follow along with Momma Leighellen’s Book Nook and be notified of more giveaways, head to her Instagram page.

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