"Life is not measured in the number of breaths we take, but in the moments that take our breath away."

Let me get a little bit sappy with you for a moment. My heart ACHES for family sessions. I have this gorgeous little blond haired, brown eyed boy with a belly laugh who runs around in a Spiderman suit who will ALWAYS be 4 in my head...but who is in reality 6'4" and headed off to college. EEK!!! So Mommas, I get it. This time - it FLIES by. Faster than I drive. And there's no way to slow it down. One day you're in the middle of it and the next thing you know - you're at the last concert and you just don't remember where it all went?!? I KNOW THIS FEELING!! I can't help you slow time down, but I CAN give you beautiful memories and timeless moments that you will enjoy forever and truly cherish once these littles become bigs. There are two types of family sessions. Lifestyle and Day in the Life. Packages start at $500. I require a $200 deposit to book your session and offer a variety of payment plans to help make your dream session a reality! So let's connect and I can answer any questions you may have and help create the right session for you.

Welcome New Momma!! Has anyone told you yet that you now belong to "the CLUB"?! Because as of now, you're heart is NOT your own and every other Momma now looks at you and just KNOWS what it's like. And I am here for you, girl. Your body is NOT your own. But it is powerful and strong and creating a HUMAN!! I am totally obsessed with how awesome our bodies grow and change while pregnant and I think that's what I love about maternity portraits. In the grand scheme of life, this is SUCH a teeny moment and it really IS like NO OTHER. So let's capture your body in it's pregnant wonder!! From there, I am available for BIRTH photos in your home or at the hospital. Natural, real, raw, & honest.  And finally, once your beautiful baby arrives, I take FRESH 48 and newborn portraits. SO let's begin this journey of motherhood together! Contact me below to get details and create the perfect session for your needs. 

Today's the day! You're on your way! Whether in a field of flowers or on a beach by the bay, I'd love to capture your light filled, light hearted event. If barns or beaches are your jam, I'm your gal. And if you're not in Denver or Seattle, don't fret! I pack light and love to travel. 

"I have watched our video 3 times and cried every time. Thank you for creating a memory we can enjoy for a lifetime."


sessions begin at $450
average investment is $750
Weddings start at $1800

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