Word of the Year | Decrease
My 2018 Mantra


As I looked back at 2017 and started to write down goals for 2018, I kept getting a nudge.  A whisper. “Less,” it said.  I stuck my head down and started writing goals and to do’s and putting together 90 day plans because THAT’S WHAT YOU DO in January.  As my lists grew, the voice got louder.  “LEEEEEESSSSS”

And then I heard it.  And I listened.    

“you must decrease so that I may increase” – John 3:30


So many times our goals are just lists full of ME ME ME.  They set us on a what I call a “checklist charlie” path where we perform an action, mark it off, and move on.  But I don’t want to keep moving on.  I want to simmer in the stew of my life.  I want to soak in the now.  I don’t want to miss a single moment or waste an hour of my time. Slow is the new fast. I want to live with a thankful heart. 

“I am the vine, you are the branches; he who abides in Me and I in him, he bears much fruit, for apart from Me you can do nothing” (John 15:5)

I want to produce good fruit!  I want this year to be the year of giving back.  Of loving fully.  Of creating positive change.  Of putting good out in the world. 

I want to encourage others.  To be a support, a nourisher, a giver. 

I want people to look at my photography business and see less of me and more of Him.  I want to walk a life that makes people want to ask “why is she smiling? Why is she blessed? How can I live like that?  I want His will and the power of the holy spirit completely immersed in my life and my business. 

He must increase.  I must decrease.

So what does that look like?  How can an entrepreneur decrease?  I think it works with a little purposeful planning. 


  • Be a better steward of my time so that I have less hours at work, more time with the family
  • Be a better steward of my finances so that I spend less purchasing, more donating
  • Be a better steward of my words by creating more online content that blesses, encourages, & engages
  • Let my Brand Ambassadors share more of their ideas and hearts and thoughts
  • Create opportunities and space for community so others can feel valued and loved
  • Establish support systems & volunteer opportunities so others can grow in Him
  • less TV, more books
  • less busy, more quiet


Now that I have a word for the year, I can more clearly see the path forward.  It helps establish which road to choose whenever I come to a new turn.

As I step back, let me leave room for you to step forward. 

What is your word for the year? 

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