Book Review: Never Have I Ever
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If you want one big messed up joy ride, read Never Have I Ever. You know those nights when you’re scrolling through the TV and you come across some crappy TNT show? It is late and you’re too tired to focus. However the show sucks you in anyway and next thing you know it’s 2am? That’s this!! It’s a guilty pleasure nail biter from start to finish!

Maybe I connected with this book because at one time I actually LIVED in one of those psycho stepford wives neighborhoods. The women really DID play Bunco and sleep with other peoples husbands and drink too much. And read crappy novels thinking they were legit literary works of art! So when I opened this book and it starts with a boring bookclub gone awry, I was like YES!!! OMG!! I’ve totally been there!!!

“I was emerging from a sedative cloud of nursing hormones a little restless. Forget reading, I can’t remember the last time I washed my hair.”

Never Have I Ever Synopsis

Never Have I Ever doesn’t apologize one bit. It grabs you quick and dives right in. The book starts with mommy friends Amy & Char hosting typical mommy once a bookclub. It gets taken over when a hot new Mom (who is a RENTER, no less!) shows up and gets everyone drunk. She dares them all to play a game and from there…things get fun. I won’t say more because you need to just enjoy this one, but the character development is awesome and the plot twists are fun without being eye rolling. You can literally think of people you actually know as each new character is introduced!

“I’d chosen a husband who liked meatloaf on Monday, tacos on Tuesdays, I was naturally attracted to anything orderly.”

“Roux looked like a woman with a passport full of stamps who’d probably had sex in a moving vehicle. Maybe on the way here.”

And normally in these types of easy-to-read thrillers I have everything figured out by page 45 and honestly, I had thought the same thing with this one. Then I was wrong and had it all figured out by page 100. Then I was wrong and kept reading and at some point I stopped trying to figure it all out and just enjoyed the ride.

So I encourage you. Have fun with this one. It is wack. And a little dark and by the end very “icky” disturbing. But I loved every minute of it!

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Never Have I Ever enjoyed a quicky thriller so much! If you enjoyed this review, please check out more on by blog and on my Goodreads page. If you want to catch up on what’s new or enter to win a book you can follow along on Instagram.

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Never Have I Ever book review

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