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To start my Nothing to See Here Review, I will share some dialogue that will draw you in immediately with it’s quirky premise:

“They catch on fire” she said.
“Are you joking?” I asked.
“NO! God, of course not, Lillian. Why would I joke about something like this?” she said.
“Well, ’cause I’ve never heard of anything like this. ‘Cause it just seems like a joke.”
“Well, it’s not. It’s a serious condition.”

And so begins an unexpected romp into this quirky, fun little novel. Nothing to See Here is about a young woman who ends up nannying for twins that LITERALLY catch on fire. It’s a totally weird premise, but why not? And it is rather endearing and heartwarming.

The story centers around Lillian, a down on her luck, going nowhere middle aged woman who still lives in her Mom’s attic. Her best friend, Madison, is beyond wealthy, extremely entitled, and married to a public figure. She reappears out of nowhere and asks for Lillian’s help caring for her two step children, who happen to ingnite. Madison considers these kids “bad press” that need to be out of the way while her hubby makes a bid for an office in DC.

What follows are typically hilarious scenes that can be expected from children who actually do catch on fire (no harm to them) and the lengths they go to trying to control it. By the end we begin to see the “normalcy” in it all. Who can say my quirks are any weirder than their quirks in the end?? The author does an amazing job with character building. Madison is easy to loathe as the perfect, rich girl and Lillian is easy to root for as a down on her luck kid from the wrong side of the tracks . More importantly is the love you feel for these odd kiddos and the understanding that just because someone is “different” doesn’t mean they aren’t valuable. 

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