Five Finger Stack Challenge
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I am so excited for this #fivefingerstack challenge that @carly.simone tagged me in!! This one has been going around the Bookstagram world and was hoping to get a crack at it!! I always love a good stack challenge! The gist is you choose one book for each finger of your hand.

Thumb: a recent book I give a thumbs up to is definitely The Paris Hours. I chose it for the online bookclub I host and the discussions have been wonderful! This is a mulit POV book but all set on the same day. It’s a short but deep novel about loving what you’ve got.

Index : A book I always recommend was tough! I wanted to choose either Name of the Wind or the Time Travelers Wife. But because of COVID those are both already lent out to friends 😂So I chose All The Light We Cannot See, a classic historical fiction that I adore.

Middle: a book I surprisingly didn’t love was definitely Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo. I know this is an unpopular opinion but I thought Evelyn was a horribly selfish human!!

Ring: a fictional character I would marry is hands down Jon Snow!! Rugged, smart, and loyal. Also, I legit love me some GOT.

Pinky: a book I keep promising myself I will read is If You Want to Make God Laugh. I know I’m gonna LOVE it and I’m like the only person left on IG who hasn’t read it. 🙄

So what do you think?

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