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Gosh, this was a great book!  Unfit by Karma Chesnut is un-putdownable. I devoured it in two sittings.  First of all, I love dystopian novels. The book is a cross between Shawshank and Handmaids Tale, with a little Romeo & Juliet thrown in for good measure. I knew I was in for a joyride.  It’s also a little unnerving to be reading a post pandemic world novel in the middle of a world wide pandemic but it also made it feel more real.

Book Summary

The story begins in a gritty world divided after a pandemic destroyed almost all of the worlds population.  In an effort to survive, the leaders split the remaining citizens into two groups based on their strengths and weaknesses.  Those deemed worthy receive the better jobs and live in the clean part of the city.  Those deemed “unfit” are forcibly sterilized, made to do hard labor, and live across the water in the slums.  Abortions are mandated to keep the unfit genes from breeding.  

This book is so well written!!  The world is unique and dark but also relatable.  Maybe its because of the current pandemic, but these outlandish reactions didn’t seem too far off.  I could totally imagine a government making global decisions that are harmful under the auspices of being for the greater good.  Meanwhile, there’s tension as it seems that testing isn’t nearly as cut and dried as the citizens were led to believe.  There’s a chance that tests have been doctored and even a hypothesis that inbreeding is making the chosen ones less healthy.  

Book Review

This sets up the perfect Romeo & Juliet scenario.  The story quickly moves forward introducing us to Morgan, the wealthy daughter of the head of the society that runs the government. Her lover is John, a poor orphan from the wrong side of the tracks.  He is smart and cunning, but stuck in a dead end job.  Once he is deemed unfit & sent to prison, Morgan must decide if she can live without him or risk everything to help save him.

Most of the book takes place inside the prison, where John has to learn how to fend for himself, follow the strict rules within the ranks, and determine who to trust.  Even within prison there is a hierarchy of power.  He must decide if he will keep his head down and fall in line or search for a way out.  I enjoyed the side characters and friendships as much as the main romance.  Morgan and John are both somehow still good, even in a dark world. What’s interesting is how the romance strengthens even though for most of the book the couple is not physically together.  I enjoyed that they remained hopeful even as their situation worsened. 

The book is thought provoking and yet isn’t overly heavy.  I love Morgan & John’s utter devotion to each other despite horrific circumstances.  I am totally into this world and connected with the characters dilemmas and decisions.  

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  1. Cassiereads_ says:

    This is my first time on your blog, I don’t know why, but I love reading this detailed review! I am super excited for you and this giveaway!

  2. lifeofleighann says:

    Love your review! This sounds like it could become the next big dystopian hit series…we heard it here first! 😊

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