The Guest List
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The Guest List by Lucy Foley is a fantastic, fast paced, super twisty thriller.

The story follows an uber shwanky couple name Jules & Will. She comes from a filthy rich family and he’s a reality TV star. She decides to host their wedding nuptials in a castle on a super remote, wind-swept island off the coast of Ireland. From the get to, there are ominous signs that suggest all is not going to go as planned. From the stormy weather and crumbling gravestones to creepy island folklore and cormorants that foreshadow doom, this story sets you on edge from the beginning.

The story is told through multiple POV’s and different timelines through flashbacks. We get backstory on the bride and groom, but also friends, family, and even the wedding planner herself. And yet with all the movement the story is fluid and seemless. Every character is multifaceted and everyone has something to hide. There is SO much overlapping history and secrets that it’s hard to imagine it all coming together at the end. But it does, and it’s so well done.

There’s not just the main “who done it” to solve but there’s breadcrumbs of little side puzzles to solve along the way. It all comes to a satisfying and shocking conclusion. I loved the slow roll of this book and the big finish. I’m still thinking NO WAY!!! But also THAT WAS AWESOME.

Thank you to TLC Book Tours, William Morrow Books, and Lucy Foley for providing this #gifted copy in exchange for an honest review.

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