A Little Bit of Grace
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“Great wrongs are done to us all at some point.  The question is, do we use them as a justification or an opportunity.” – A Little Bit of Grace by Phoebe Fox.

This book reminds me of how important LGBTQ representation is in the publishing industry. To be able to see yourself in a story.  To feel represented in a work of art.  It helps to feel seen, heard, and known in real life.  


This is not a deep, literary work of art like “The Vanishing Half” but it doesn’t need to be.  It is a fun and cheerful chic lit book about a lawyer named Grace who’s living a pretty beige life. She’s trying to find herself again after the death of her mother and divorce of from her husband.  One day she gets a mysterious postcard from a woman in Florida. She decides to pursue it.

Then the who steals the show in the book is the vibrant, larger than life Aunt Millie.  Millie is Grace’s long lost Aunt she never knew existed.  She’s an 80 year old who drives a bright red Tesla (In Ludicous Mode, no less) and offers dating advice and matchmaking via a YouTube Channel and blog.  Grace didn’t get the chance to know Millie because Millie was disowned by the family years ago for her life choices.  These choices aren’t revealed until later in the book, but I love that because as a reader we get to fall in love with who Millie is as a person first.  


“Everyone needs the freedom to stretch their wings and find out what they’re made of.”

This is a quick, fun summer read with heart that does a great job of honoring the LGBTQ community while addressing issues of forgiveness, identity, and family.  I enjoyed the theme of turning negative moments in your life into positive momentum to lead your forward, as well as the need for showing compassion and unconditional love for others, no matter their choices.  

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