Welcome to Momma Leighellens book nook! 

Hey there!

My name is Leighellen + I'm a book loving mom of three in Denver, CO.  My favorite genres are historical fiction, literary fiction, YA fantasy, and inspirational memoirs.  

You can find me on IG at Momma Leighellen's Book Nook and on my BOOKTUBE channel sharing reviews, giveaways, hosting author chats and IG Lives.  I also co-host a monthly historical fiction book club called Book Friends Book Club. I have worked with many brands including Literati, Portland Leather, Mapiful, Fable Grounds Coffee, and Book Babe Designs. I subscribe to Book of the Month and listen to books on audio via Libro.FM! My Bookish Wishlist is here!

I post all of my book reviews on Goodreads and also share on my blog. If you would like to work with me, please reach out by sending me an email with a link to the description of your book or item. 

I am happy to use my platform to share any bookish + home products that fit my brand.  This may include tees, candles, bookmarks, pillows, lamps, snacks, coffee, blankets, furniture, and any other home items that match my reading lifestyle. 

fun facts about me!

I always take notes while reading.  I like to tab & highlight favorite quotes and passages. It helps me come up with what to say when writing reviews. 

I am a sports fanatic!  We lived in Seattle for 15 years so I'm a huge Seahawks fan.  We also have season tickets to the Colorado Rockies. 

I love ALL THINGS BOOKISH!  This means tee-shirts, booksleeves, coffee mugs, candles, lotions, pillows, booklamps, bookmarks - if it improves my reading experience or has anything to do with books, I'm IN! 

I'm OTF obsessed ! I love all things Orange Theory.  The workouts, the trainers, the friendships.  It's the best!!  When I'm not in the gym, I'm running trails with my dog.  If I don't run, I get grouchy, so look out!

I love surrounding myself in books!  I typically read a book a day.  I don't watch TV so I spend all my down time reading.  I'm also a really fast reader! 

My man is my rock. We met at church and he's been saving me ever since! We couldn't be more different - he's a classic type A and I'm a crazy creative.  But we love to hike and bike and play cribbage and raise our kooky crew. 

Reading is my jam.  I read every night, which means sometimes I plow through several books a week. Teen drama?  Vampires? Knights & Lords? Yes please. I'm a TOTAL mood reader, though. 
I never read one book at a time!