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Hey there! My name is Leighellen and no...i'm NOT from the south!! i just have a kooky name that fits my equally quirky personality.

I split my time between Arvada, CO and Seattle, WA where I stay up WAY too late playing cribbage with my hubby (we are SO competitive!) or exploring with my kids. I'm most known for my excessive speeding tickets (whoopsie!), driving with the top down (even when it rains), and being a wee bit of a Seahawks fan (check the license plate - for REALS!) 

Photography to me is a gift from God. I don't see pictures, i see connections and memories, grace and joy. I believe we are all created with beauty and purpose, so I want you to love YOU! I find solace in the small details and beauty in the ordinary. I cherish natural connections with my clients and hope they leave as friends! In addition to my obsession with dark chocolate, I am passionate about helping my clients love themselves and where they are in life, giving back to my community, and Jesus.

fun facts about me!

My family lived in Seattle for 15 years and we may be a liiiiiittle obsessed with the Seahawks! And when I fly to Seattle for sessions, we always sneak in a game. 

I love to sing! I used to be a Director of Worship at a church, but now just sing in the shower and in my car (and to my kids, and…) OK. I lie. I sing all the time!!

I'm OTF obsessed ! I love all things Orange Theory.  The workouts, the trainers, the friendships.  It's the best!!  When I'm not in the gym, I'm running trails with my dog.  If I don't run, I get grouchy, so look out!

I am a fresh air junky. From driving with my top down (even when it's snowing) to sleeping with a window open, I love fresh air and try to go outside EVERY day, no matter what the weather (that's what butt warmers are for!)

Give me ALL the tulips!  If it's simple and white, I want it in my kitchen.

Reading is my jam.  I read every night, which means sometimes I can plow through 3 books a week.  Teen drama?  Vampires? Knights & Lords?  Yes please. You can follow my reviews on this blog! or at Goodreads.

My man is my rock. We met at church and he's been saving me ever since! We couldn't be more different - he's a classic type A and I'm a crazy creative.  But we love to hike and bike and play cribbage and raise our kooky crew. 

I love to serve the world by sharing my faith, hosting bible studies, and encouraging others to see themselves how GOD sees them - perfect, restored, and loved. That's what photography is to me, a mirrored reflection of God's grace and love. The bible says "whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him" Colossians 3:17.  I want my photography and business to reflect this belief.  I am thankful for my gifts and blessings and want to continue to bless others with my time and talent. 

For this reason, I donate two senior portrait sessions each year to the participating High Schools in my community - Arvada West, Faith Christian Academy, and Ralston Valley High.  These are need based sessions donated to provide hope & joy to a family that may not otherwise be able to support the purchase of a senior portrait session.  If you know of a teen or a family that would benefit from this blessing, please contact me at  All donations are confidential.

I am also an active part of the BEAUTY REVIVED community and have been published in both their senior and children's magazines.  If you know of a senior that is giving back to their community and should be featured in the future, please let me know.

Throughout the year, I also host shoots where proceeds go to either a mission trip or a service project for one of my seniors. This enables me to use my gift to help others. 

And finally, I donate one session each year to a Proverbs 31 woman in my community who displays TRUE beauty, not worldly beauty.  These are women of valor - survivors, dreamers, life changers.  If you know of a woman, age 12-99,  who is "clothed in strength and dignity and walks without fear of the future", please send me an email and why you believe she is beautiful and what she is doing in her community to make the world more beautiful.  One winner each year will be chosen for a full, featured session!  

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