Come Back to Me
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“It was clear the right woman could wield great power over a man.” – Jody Hedlund, Come Back to Me.

Thank goodness this is going to be a series, because I definitely need MORE OF THIS in my life!!

One of my all-time favorite books is The Time Travelers wife.  And one of my favorite shows is Dr. Who.  So clearly I have a thing for time travel.  Toss in my love of Outlander and there’s definitely a theme here.  There’s something so unique about the concept of soul mates, timelines, and history and cultures merging together.  

Come Back to Me takes all those things I love and adds a tender touch to it. The story follows a young scientist named Marian, diligently working on finding a cure for her sisters VHL.  When her father falls into a coma, leaving her a mysterious message and some items in a safe deposit box, she heads to England to unravel the mystery.  

What she finds is that her father may have discovered the holy grail – the water of life that can heal all maladies.  The catch is it also sends you back in time.  Marian decides to test it out and finds herself back in 1381.  And OF COURSE there’s a hot knight, Will, that comes to her rescue and offers protection.  But to protect her, she has to be his wife. 

It’s a cool mix of science, history, and magic.  I loved the alternating timelines and watching Marian, so independent and confident, learn how to navigate medieval life and push herself to trust someone else.  While the marriage of convenience protects her it creates obvious tension, but over time the two balance each other well.  Their chemistry is OFF THE CHARTS and as they get closer, Marian has to decide which timeline to stay in.  

“Each moment with him had been more real than if she’d been living in the present.  Everything about him was more vibrant than anything she’d known before.” 

This book has all the things I love including action, adventure, and romance. It was truly unputdownable. Thanks to Revell Books, @tlcbooktours @jodyhedlund for the book + giveaway!  Head to my instagram by Sunday, June 27th, 2021 to enter to win a copy in my giveaway.

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