The Last Chance Library
Momma Leighellen's Book Review

“Libraries are like a net, there to catch those of us in danger of falling through the cracks.  That’s what we’re really fighting to protect.” – The Last Chance Library

My last book of August did not disappoint and is the perfect book for book lovers.  If you love libraries, books about libraries, books with book clubs, and quirky characters with big hearts then this will be the book for you. The Last Chance Library is filled with library love, literary references, and a touch of romance.  

“Libraries are boats

And the books are lifejackets

Without them we’ll drown.”

The story follows an assistant Librarian named June who learns her library will be closing.  She can’t speak out because she’s told she’ll be fired and she’s also quite shy.  With the help of her friend Alex and other library lovers, she finds ways to make a difference and use her voice. 

“Libraries are a light in dark times. A place that (is) safe and warm and dry, where no one would judge me.”

This is a lovely feel good story that highlights how our libraries are so much more than just the books they contain. It’s also about learning to speak up, love others well, and be connected.

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