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Millie | Ralston Valley Senior
Arvada Senior Portraits

Millie is something else! I love this girl. She is SO patient and full of grace. Millie is all over Ralston Valley. Millie is Vice President of NHS AND her school’s French Honor Society. She’s also big into their music department, where she’s in the advanced women’s choir and consistently in the school musical. Outside of school, she is invested in her church, where she volunteers and sings for their choir. I could go on FOREVER about everything that this gal is involved in. But one of the craziest things she does is show her horse, pigs, and llama!

We ended up doing two sessions for Millie! We did one in Arvada, which captured her in the water and during sunset. She was GLOWING. She is one of the biggest smilers I know, which made her session memorable and adorable. For her second session, we hung out with her horse and LLAMA! I was TOO excited to get a chance to photograph them. Millie has a passion for animals that came out during this session. She hopes to become a vet (just like her momma!) so it was essential to get her horse and llama as that’s such a big part of her life.

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