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Remember Me: A Spanish Civil War Novel by Mario Escobar

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“Everyone is shouting for liberty now, but if there’s no justice, liberty has failed.”

Wow. I finished up this historical fiction book last night and I learned so much. As I found myself underlining half the pages and feeling like even though it was based on events from 70 years ago, so much of the conflict could apply to today. I love historical fiction for the ways it not only makes me feel but it educates. If you enjoy reading books based on real events or real people, you will enjoy this one!

“Men think they can change the world with bullets, but the only thing that can transform our planet is tenderness.”

Remember Me by Mario Escobar is set during the Spanish Civil War and based upon the true stories of the plight of the Children of Morelia, who before the full war broke out were shipped to other countries for their safety. Many never returned. This story follows three siblings who head out with a group of other refugee children sent to Mexico to avoid the war in Spain. Marco is the eldest brother tasked with protecting his young sisters, even though he is just a child himself.

Their journey describes the hardships of life in exile, living as refugees, and relying on strangers for their most basic human needs. This book explores the agony of war and paints a poignant portrait of one family’s sacrificial love and endurance. As the children grow they wonder if they will ever see their parents or their home again.

“The most important thing we do every day is fight to live, even though life may be unbearable.”

This book does an incredible job of showing both the awful hardships of war but also the moments of compassion and tenderness. It also does a great job of highlighting the tension of trying to do the right thing but not having good options. Nothing about war is good. I don’t think I’ve read much about this time period and hope I can find more.

“People can be right and still lose; courage is not enough to defeat evil; the strength of weapons destroys the soul of humanity.”

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