Frontier Follies
Momma Leighellen's Book Review

Ree Drummond is simply adorable! And in Frontier Follies she opens her front doors wide open and lets us into her home and life. I started following her blog about 15 years ago when my photography studio was first opening up. She would not only share recipes from the ranch but also stunning photography of horses and sunsets. She did such a great job of capturing the beauty of ordinary life.

Frontier Follies feels a lot like that. It’s a perfectly silly celebration of the everyday moments of Ree Drummond’s life as a mom, wife, and cookbook author/TV personality living in rural America. From marital disagreements to random incidents involving skunks, she candidly tells fun little anecdotes about her family that make you chuckle. Like the fact that she little has a running prank with her husband involving fake snakes! This book had me laughing out loud and reading lines from the book to my husband.

She shares tips on marriage, parenting, and balancing life. She opens up about her recent adoption. Included throughout are recipes that match the stories. It’s as laid back and open as the author. Thank you to TLC Book Tours for the copy to read + review!

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