Glimmer As You Can
Momma Leighellen's Book Review

I can describe Glimmer As You Can in one word. Meh.

I read this at the same time as The Lions of 5th Avenue. The two themes and stories are so similar they started to blend together. This was a fast read for historical fiction with a unique premise. I just feel it fell a little flat and didn’t capture my full attention.


At the heart of this novel, Glimmer As You Can is about two best friends from different backgrounds. They meet and connect at an underground women’s club. They both are dealing with their own version of messed up relationships and struggling to understand where they fit in to a society that sees women as less than.

I found the description of what it was like to be a Pan Am flight attendant truly astounding! From weigh ins to age limits it made me realize how far we really have come! I enjoyed the girls friendships and how they rallied to support each other even though they were so different.

What threw me in this book was the lack of a single decent male character. They can’t all be that bad, can they? Every male was either an alcoholic, abuser, or totally lecherous. I also couldn’t get over the language. I know this is set in the 1960’s but the writing feels too much like I was reading an episode of Leave it To Beaver. The golly gee willackers took me out of the story and made almost every conversation feel stilted and awkward.

This is a great book if you are looking for strong female friendships or enjoy the antics of the 1960’s genre. But pass if you want depth. Thank you to TLC Book Tours for the #gifted copy to read and review. To check out what I’m currently reading head to MY BOOKSTAGRAM page. To read more of my detailed reviews, pop over to MY BLOG.

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