Of Ink and Sea
Momma Leighellen's Book Review

“There was a power, an intangible force, that took over while I looked through the lens of my camera. Faces became stories, stories became human. My heart lifted for a moment and I didn’t feel lost”

Wow. Words can’t quite express how much I adored and connected with this beautiful intergenerational story.  It’s about a young woman, alienated from her family and a bit of a loner, she’s a photographer who feels deeply yet connects with no one and drifts from place to place, job to job.  She feels most at peace by the sea with fresh air in her hair.  She sets out from her home in LA and flies overseas to document her ailing grandfather who has succumbed to dementia.  

Once she arrives, she reconnects with a young man from her youth but it unsure of his connection to this place or her grandfather.  As she dives into her history and her grandfather’s stories, she soon finds out both he and her grandfather have secrets.  The more she unravels them, the less she understands.

I loved the location of this book!  The large estate on the stunning grounds by the cliffs of Lydecombe, England brings the story alive. I also think the dual narrative worked well to bring her grandfather’s history and memory alive and link the past story to the present choices.  And, of course, the love story was just the right touch!   Of Ink and Sea will be released Jan 11, 2021.

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