Best Books of 2020
Momma Leighellen's Year In Review

Here is my list of the Best Books of 2020! Thanks to these “unprecedented times” and a thing called Covid that basically shut the whole world down for most of the year, I read over 200 books in 2020!! So narrowing it down to a Top 10 was NOT going to happen.

I am going to break these down by genre in later posts, with my top 10 Historical Fiction books, Top 5 YA, Top 5 Fantasy, Top 5 Contemporary Fiction, and Top 5 Memoir/Nonfiction. But for now, here are my Best Books of 2020 in ALL categories.

In no particular order, these are the Best Books of 2020 Winners!

My #1 FAVORITE BOOK OF ALL in 2020 was:

You may be wondering how did I pick these? These were not only 5 star reads for me, these are books that made me FEEL something. Whether I laughed or cried, these books made me think long after it was closed. Many of these books were from the #mommaleighellensbookclub book chats I host. I think they rose to the top not only because they were amazing books, but the reading experience was heightened by reading with others and taking the time to discuss the books.

You can also LISTEN to any and all of these books via Libro.FM! The coolest thing about Libro.FM audio books is the purchase supports your local bookstore.

If you want to read with me, I host a bookclub each month via Book of The Month. There are two ways to sign up! Either have them ship what I pick each month automatically here. Or you can join and choose your own. If you want to join my book club, let me know below or simply sign up for my newsletter! You can also send me a DM on Instagram. You can view more of my reviews on my blog. And check out LAST YEARS WINNERS!

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