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“My lineage is bound together in inextricable horrible truths.” – Legendborn

I completely fell in love with Legendborn by Tracy Deonn. In fact, it earned a spot on my Top 20 books of 2020. I loved this story! It blended so much of what I enjoy – YA, history, magic, social issues and romance, yet none of it ever felt muddled or bogged down.

Synopsis of Legendborn

At it’s core, Legendborn is a coming of age story about a young woman dealing with grief. After the death of her mother, 16 year old Bree decides to attend UNC with her best friend. She’s place in an advanced learning program for high school students. Once there, she befriends a boy who is her campus mentor. Turns out, he is part of a secret society filled with magic and legend. He is a demon-hunter and a descendent of the nights of the round table. Bree’s own magic awakens after witnessing a terrible attack. It causes a memory of her mother to resurface that makes her question everything. Together, Bri + Nick try to find out more about her mother’s death.

Legendborn Review

I don’t know how the author manages to merge Arthurian Legend with Black Girl Magic, but it totally works! The magic systems are complex and unique, each of the characters have depth. I even love that this book is set on a college campus. It makes for the perfect backdrop for discussing race and gender issues.

“Growing up black in the south, it’s common to find yourself in old places that just weren’t made for you. Maybe it’s a building, a historic district, or a street. Some space that was originally built for white people only and you just have to hold that knowledge while going about your business.”

As Bree presses into her magic it she learns not only about her Mom’s history but the history of her people and the area. She not only has to deal with her own grief, but the grief of generations. Meanwhile, Nicks world starts crumbling. More demons attack and she needs to decide if she’ll even be a part of any of it while wrestling with feelings for him.

“How does this boy navigate my emotions like a seasoned sailor, finding the clear skies and bringing them closer, when all I seem able to do is hold fast to the storms?”

This book is captivating. It’s about black history, parenthood, grief, identity, and loss. It delves into the manifestation of trauma and legacies of grief, but also the resilience of its people to survive, thrive and resist. It is filled with action, magic, and a touch of romance. Perfect for fans of Mortal Instruments and Percy Jackson.

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