News of the World
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“The news of the world aged him more than time itself.”

I finished this book over the weekend and I can’t seem to shake it.  I’ve been mulling over the relationships and choices and bond of these two unique characters, it’s incredible that you get so close to them in so short of a book.   

 News of the World is by Paulette Jiles.  She’s the historical fiction author who wrote Simon The Fiddler, which I also loved.  I read a lot of historical fiction, but this one was really different.  It is short and there’s not a lot of back story.  It is told in a matter of fact style that seems to fit the era and the tow characters we follow. 

“Knowing in his fragile bones that it was the duty of men who aspired to the condition of humanity to protect children and kill for them if necessary.”

News of the World is set in 1870, five years after the end of the Civil War.  Captain Jeffry Kidd is a widower and war veteran tasked with delivering a young girl back to her family, after she has been living in captivity with the Kiowa people. He is tough and cranky but fiercely loyal.  She is spunky and afraid.  Along their arduous journey they build a strong bond and he questions who she truly belongs with.  

It is a very short, steady read that has a cinematic quality, so it’s going to be perfect adapted on screen.  This book recently came out as a movie featuring Tom Hanks.  I’m actually really excited to see it because it’s a book that I think will translate well onto the screen due to the endearing characters and satisfying conclusion.

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