Good Company
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I stayed up WAAAAYY too late finishing up Good Company. This is a heartfelt family drama about marriage and friendship from the author  of The Nest. This book captures the tensions and unease of the mid-life “what ifs” that abound when life suddenly turns upside down after a revelation.  Told through flashbacks, we come to see how this couple came to be and wonder what could be next. 

“Forgiveness is a choice.  It doesn’t arrive on fairy wings; it doesn’t descend from the sky for you to take or leave.  Forgiveness is an action.”


The story follows the entire span of the twenty plus year marriage between Flora and Julian, from the time they first meet through the birth of their first child, from couples therapy to a cross country move. They seem to have it all. On the eve of their daughter’s high school graduation, she finds an envelope. As a result, everything changes. Flora stumbles upon an envelope containing her husband’s wedding band that he claimed to have lost years ago.  This causes her to question everything she thought she knew about her marriage and her relationship with her best friend, Margot.

Does this mean her entire marriage is built on lies? What happened that summer all those years ago? And what happens now?  Good Company tells the classic tale of the little decisions we make along the way that come together to form a life. Moreover, it highlights the unique bends in time that shape our history and the the lifelong relationships that both wound and heal us. Of course, I enjoyed this thoughtful look at marriage and friendship. 

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