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“Life is about the long game, what seems overwhelming in the moment could be pointing us toward something greater.  It’s up to us to push past the noise of the present and into the boundless possibilities of our unwritten future.” – Mallory Weggemann, Limitless

Limitless Overview

Are you looking for a little inspiration on your Monday? Look no further than Limitless by Mallory Weggemann, the gold medal winner, world champion swimmer and ESPY winner who uses her extraordinary story to continue to inspire others.

On January 21, 2008, a routine medical procedure leaves Mallory Weggemann paralyzed from her waist down. In this book, she tells the story of how she never looked back, created new goals, new desires, and found a path forward.  Mallory finds her purpose in swimming and by the 2012 Paralympic Games, she held fifteen world records and thirty-four American records. 

“Do we allow our fears to paralyze us or do we find the courage to lean in and stare them down? Only when we face our fears head-on do we find out what is possible beyond our limitations.” 

But even THAT wasn’t the end of her story.  In a hotel shower, the seat breaks and she suffers a devastating fall that leaves her left arm severely damaged.  This could have been the end of her career.   Yet, Mallory refuses to give up.  She shares the agonizing story of her reconstructive surgeries, bouts of depression,  painful rehab, and fresh new desire to get back in the pool.  More importantly, she finds her  confidence, independence, and love and ends up walking down the aisle on her wedding day.

“We write out own stories through decisions we make every single day to rise above, adapt to, or redefine whatever knocked us off course and onto another.” 

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Mallory’s extraordinary resilience and uncompromising commitment to excellence are rooted in her resolve, perseverance, and sheer grit. In this remarkable new book, Mallory shares the lessons she learned by pushing past every obstacle, expectation, and limitation that stood in her way, including the need to:

  • redefine limitations;
  • remember that healing is not chronological;
  • be willing to fail;
  • and embrace your comeback.

Mallory’s story reminds us that whatever circumstances we face, we have the capacity to face down whatever challenges, labels, or difficulties confront us–and to do so on our own terms.

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  1. I loved this book so much!! Thank you to @TLCBOOKTOURS for sending this one my way!

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