The Wedding Date
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The Wedding Date is my latest Literati book box choice and the February pick for Malala’s book club. What a pleasant surprise this book was for me! I admit I went into it with a bit of an attitude. I was acting like a book snob…rolling my eyes that we were reading a romcom in February (so basic!) especially since Malala’s picks have historically been deep and thought provoking. But Malala said she chose The Wedding Date because she wanted a break from our heavier themes and she grew up watching Bollywood films and wanted us to enjoy some escapism for a bit. If it’s good enough for Malala, it’s good enough for me!

So I loosened up and dove right in!

What I found surprised me. I actually ended up really enjoying this thoughtful novel. It is far deeper than I expected and it brought up a lot of great conversations on interracial relationships, long distance dating, and the difficulty of being in a commitment when both partners have successful careers.

There’s a bit of suspension of disbelief that you need to go along with in the beginning. Alexa and Drew meet in a hotel elevator when it gets stuck. They chat and get to know each other more while waiting to be rescued. When they finally get out, he invites her to be his date to a wedding that weekend.

While the premise is a bit far fetched, the chemistry feels very real. These high powered busy people had a fun spark and a natural way together. I loved that this book featured two smart, educated, highly motivated and driven people with great careers at their core. Neither one of them is looking to be ‘saved’. I also loved that both of them prioritized work and family and friends and didn’t expect a date to magically solve things.

While the teenage lack of communication was frustrating sometimes, overall, this was the perfect February romance.

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