Fifty Words for Rain
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Well, Fifty Words for Rain broke my heart, my friends. So be prepared. This review is written between sobs and puffy eyes.

I finished Fifty Words for rain just in time to watch the @literati hosted live author interview. This book CRUSHED MY SOUL so I’m looking forward to hearing what the author has to say about that ending and the decisions she made there. What a powerful novel about family obligations, regret, and the awful choices we make for the ones we love.

The story follows Niro, a half Japanese half black little girl who is abandoned by her mother and forced to live with her abusive aristocratic grandmother. She is locked in an attic for years, forced to endure painful bleaching procedures, and beaten with a wooden spoon.

“It was better to accept the tears, with as much grace and dignity as could be mustered.”

Then her half brother turns up and for awhile there is hope! They become fast friends and he shields her from their destructive overbearing grandmother. Relief is in sight. But this hope is shattered when again Nori is sent away. This time she is locked in a brothel where her virginity is auctioned off. Just when I didn’t think I could endure anymore, hope rises from the ashes AGAIN and it seems that Nori’s endurance and patience with life will be rewarded.

“All this time, she’d asked God for a gift. She hadn’t realized that she’d been living in one all along.”

Just when you think she has found peace and solace, the ending broke me. why. WHY!?!? You know why? Life is not always wrapped up in a bow. This will definitely give me a book hangover. I immediately had to head to the @literati app to discuss that ending with everyone!!! And I can’t wait to hear what the author has to say about her decision.


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