May Wrap Up
Momma Leighellen's Monthly Wrap Up

Here is my May Wrap Up. I’m amazed it is already June!!  After enduring a year where the months seemed to drag on endlessly like molasses, suddenly we are thrust back into full time life.  I blinked and almost missed an entire month!

May Wrap Up

I assumed this would be a poop month of reading for me with graduation, a wedding and an East coast trip keeping my calendar booked.  But with either the stress of life restarting or late nights and plane flights, I somehow managed to read 24 books in the month of May!?!?!  I definitely went on a romcom rabbit hole and read less historical fiction than usual, but that’s the joy of reading.  I’m a mood reader and what I love about this May Wrap Up stack is it shows that I read whatever the heck I felt like reading!!  After months of heavy reads, I clearly gravitated more towards light in May. 

While I read a lot of great books in May, here are the books that rose to the top for me!

May Favorites

Twice Shy: This was a sweet enemies to lovers romcom about two people that both inherit the same piece of property and have different ideas on how to proceed with remodeling it.

Preachers in Sneakers (shown below): This book was such a great thinking book! It’s based on the IG account that show pastors across the country wearing super expensive shoes and clothes and asks the question if that’s OK or not. I loved that this book didn’t have answers but allowed the questions and discussions to take place.

Second First Impressions: This is another enemies to lovers romcom that I got swept up in. I loved that it takes place in an elderly facility and that all the secondary characters were just as strong as the main ones!

Where the Rhythm Takes You: YA romance filled with music, food, and incredible scenery. Now I want to vacation in Tobago.

The Woman with the Blue Star (shown below): This was my #mommaleighellensbookclub pick for May and probably the 8th book of Pam Jenoff that I have read. She did not disappoint!!! This historical fiction is heartbreaking and hopeful, following the story of a jewish girl hiding in the sewers of Poland.

Mary Jane: This is a coming of age story about a young girl from a conservative family who goes to nanny for a very liberal, hippy family in the 1960’s. Her worlds at each home are so different and she has to come to terms with who she is and what she stands for. I wish I’d read it for book club because I think it would have made for great discussion.

Hana Khan Carries On: I adored this story that is based on You’ve Got Mail. In this modern retelling, it follows two competing Halal restaurants and one of them has a podcast. It’s totally adorable while still tackling issues of race and immigration.

A Proper Scoundrel: Regency romance is my favorite and Esther Hatch is one of the best!! This fantastic book may be my favorite of hers. It features a young woman running a railroad. In a Pretty Woman plot twist, she hires a baron to pretend to woo her to shake off other suitors. OF COURSE they fall in love instead.

The Wife Upstairs (audiobook from I never read thrillers, but when I do they are AWESOME! This was a super fast paced, unique book filled with plot twists and characters you will love to hate!

Little Pieces of Me (not pictured): family drama featuring DNA plot twists that lead to identity issues.

Mad props to @readwithmason who takes the most adorable photos with her cats.  My cat was less than thrilled.  Then I tried putting books next to her, which was not a win.  I even tried simply standing by her, much to her annoyance.  So enjoy these outtakes of my cat who thinks I’m crazy.  And go follow Mason who knows how to actually photograph cats and books! 

QOTD:  Tell me your favorite book that you read in your May Wrap Up? 

What’s Next?

You can pick up a copy of all the books in my May Wrap Up here in my Amazon shop.  To read more of my reviews, check out the rest of my blog.  To enter the latest giveaways and see what I’m currently reading, head to my Bookstagram account in IG.  And to listen to me chat all things bookish and share my latest reviews, head to my Booktube Channel. 

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