Apples Never Fall
Momma Leighellen's Book Review

“What was the harm in it? Why not rewrite the memory and remember it as a perfect day? What was the actual benefit of accuracy when it came to memories?” – Joy, in Apples Never Fall

I loved this fast paced family drama told from multiple POVs in the present and the past. The story of Apples Never Fall centers around an older woman named Joy, with slight early dementia tendencies, who suddenly goes missing. As her four grown children and their dad try to figure out what happened to her, each persons viewpoint and back story is shared.

“The past could look very different depending on where you stopped to look at it”

Before Joy goes missing, a woman named Savannah comes and moves in with Joy and her husband, adding a layer of confusion and drama to the mix.   The book keeps you off kilter the entire time by sharing multiple view points, different timelines, and several side stories with random details that are entertaining but keep you away from the main plot.  The Delaney siblings in this book are fabulous characters!! They reminded me of the siblings from Malibu Rising. The book reads in a very conversational and interesting way that kept me engrossed.  

“There was no trophy or applause. The only recognition you got was from other mothers. Only they understood the epic nature of your trivial achievements.”

However, this wasn’t 5 star book because it was a tad verbose. It seemed to need one more edit. It was also a bit too long, with a few too many extra chapters at the end. I didn’t need the Covid tie in or the overly explained, tidied up ending. It just kept going and going long after it had a solid finish.  But entertaining none the less and definitely worth a read.  

“We are the grown ups! We are the fixers!!”

I found myself laughing along with this one, cringing in all the right spots, and plowing through in one stop.  This is an un-put-downable binge fest fun. 

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