Heart in the Highlands
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“I don’t know how to forgive you. How to forget what you did to me. Or if it’s even possible. But I would like to try.” – Lady Katherine, Heart in the Highlands

I finished this sweet story while on vacation. Heart in the Highlands was everything I love about Regency romance!!! A gorgeous setting, witty banter between the couple, and a sweet, charming, slow burn of a love story.

But author Heidi Kimball manages to make this one even deeper than a typical traditional regency trope. By adding in layers within the storyline filled with a single mother, a sweet little girl, and equality dynamics – it addressed topics not usually found in this genre.

The story follows a couple forced into an arranged marriage. It seems all will work out, but of course a dramatic event tears them apart. Forced to live apart for almost 5 years, by the time they find their way back to each other they are estranged and grieving from old wounds. Can they find their way back to each other? Is it possible to forgive each other for their choices? Can they forgive themselves?

“I’d come to expect that if I waited to love someone until they were perfect. I’d never love anyone at all”

Oh this one had my whole heart! A lovely story filled with stunning depictions of the lush Scottish countryside and an achingly sweet second chance romance. Don’t miss this book that comes out August 9th, 2021! You can order your own copy by clicking HERE.

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