When We Meet Again
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“Books might not always be a comfort, but they remind you of what it is to be human and to love.” – When We Meet Again by Caroline Beecham

Historical fiction lovers with a passion for books (isn’t that all of us?) need to run out and read this fabulous book!!  I’m not sure how this one isn’t plastered all over the “must read” lists.  Especially during these difficult times.  This book highlights the power of books to comfort, unite, and encourage us when nothing else seems right with the world.  


The story follows a woman named Alice, who works as an editor for a publishing company.  It is 1943 and there are rations for everything, including paper. As a publisher, they must be creative about how and what they produce. Books are in high demand again. Everyone is reading more since they are stuck in their homes during blackouts or in shelters.  Books are cherished by soldiers, too, as it may be their only connection to the outside world. It is their reminder of what they are fighting for.  

But Alice finds herself in trouble. As she fights to get back what is hers, she learns of the horrible practice of baby farming.  She knows this is just the type of story she needs to share with her readers. Yet, getting involved could mean she loses everything.  


This is an incredible story of a mothers love, of hope in times of darkness, and the belief that books really do have the power to educate, inspire, and create change.  There is a sweet, slow burn romance that doesn’t take away from the heart of the story. And even though it is another WWII tale, it feels fresh and unique.

When We Meet Again is a must read for any historical fiction lover but especially now.  I think there were so many connections to be drawn from this story to current events. The way people had to limit congregating, the new found solace in books and rations on things felt so similar to life during the pandemic. Historical fiction has a unique way of showing us we are not alone and we have the strength to endure. 

Thank you to Putnam Books for sending this my way to read and review.

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