The Second Blind Son
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“People are afraid. Fear brings out the ugliness. It is easy to be kind and good when it costs nothing. It is not easy when it can cost you your life. You are rarer than gold.” – The Second Blind Son, Amy Harmon

Praise for The Second Blind Son

I read a lot of books. In fact, I tend to read about a book a day. There’s a certain rhythm to it. A music I feel in my bones. When I’m in my groove I can become one with a book and it makes the tempo go faster.

This book. This one was different. It was one of my most anticipated books of the year. Everything from Amy Harmon always is for me. And yet when I received an early copy from Amy, I didn’t devour her newest book quickly. It took me over two weeks to read The Second Blind Son.

But not because it wasn’t brilliant!! And not because it wasn’t immersive. It was both and so much more. I read it slowly because when you find something you love you want to hold on to it. To let it linger. To savor each moment. I did not want to leave this dark world, this emotional story, or the complex people in it.

The Second Blind Son Review

This book is beautiful. I love the way Amy Harmon writes. Whether it’s her descriptive historical fiction novels or her emotive romance. She captures my imagination and I’m completely taken to another place and time. In this story, I fell in love with a young man named Hod – the blind keeper. Named after Odin’s son who is tricked by Loki, this book is filled with nods to Norse mythology and Viking lore. The parallels of his life to the famed Norse legends were brilliant and foreshadows much of the story.

“Do you promise you will not give up?”
“I promise I will not give up today.”

The long distance love affair with a siren named Ghisla, who’s songs help Hod to see, is slow and burning and intense and beautiful. Their longing and separation felt like the stuff of classic Greek tragedy. This book reminded me of The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. Hod has a similar charm as Kvothe and partakes upon a long, winding qwest that seems impossible. It’s a hook that meanders, deepens, is thoughtful and stunning.

“You are color.

You are sound.

And you are the song in the wind and the hope on my heart.”

There is magic and political drama and romance in The First Blind Son. I did not want it to end. I would return to this world again and again! This is the second book in this world (The First Girl Child started the series) but this reads as a stand-alone. It is in the same world but with unique characters. I have my fingers crossed there will be more!!

What’s Next?

I got to chat with Amy about the book during an IG Live on Wednesday, July 21. You can head to my IG and find it under saved IG Live interviews if you want to learn more about this book! I can’t recommend this book enough!

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