The Ex Hex
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As we wrap up our spooky season reading, I thought I’d share this light hearted little romcom.  Not all spooky season reading has to be thrillers and horror!  The Ex Hex is an easy, breezy romcom for your holiday entertainment.

I think it took me about 37 minutes to read. Ok. Maybe 38. But it’s that light, folks.

This short, steamy little story follows a newbie witch named Vivienne who accidentally puts a hex on a boy that she recently dumped, only to meet up with him again 9 years later and still feel totally attracted to him. Her sexy ex, Rhys, starts making a mess of things around town so the two must team up to stop impending doom. And of course, their romance rekindles.

A little bit mystery, a little bit romcom, with a dash of spice. The writing in this book feels very YA, but the steamy scenes definitely do not. It’s like Scooby Do with sex.

It is what it is. Overall, it felt very “meh” to me. It was fun holiday reading but I won’t remember it in 5 minutes. If you want a fun romp of a palette cleanser before you move on to other reading, this is a good bet. Thank you Avon Books for sending this my way!

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