The Premonition at Withers Farm
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“Death was eternal, that was agreed upon. But the finality of it, the security in it, or the desperation of it? Her mind whirled with the unanswered and the mysticism that seemed to coincide with faith.” – The Premonition at Withers Farm

The Premonition at Withers Farm is an immersive reading experience. Thank you @bethanyhousefiction and @jaimejowright for sending this my way! Told in a dual timeline format at a farm in Michigan, two women turn up dead in a cornfield and the dead don’t there a connection between the two?

“When an earthly hell came to visit you, it didn’t just go away”

I loved how this book creatively dealt with the balance of ghosts + visions alongside spirituality and faith. Can you believe something if you don’t understand it? The book looks at the intersection of faith and science.

“How do you live with such grief? The loss, the feeling every morning, you don’t care. You don’t feel. You’re a combination of anxiousness and purposelessness.”

The other strength of this book was the inclusion of a woman suffering from postpartum depression after several miscarriages. It was so refreshing to have this included in a novel of faith, as often times this stigma is hidden or dismissed. The author shared that much of this part of the story came from her own experience battling depression.

This writing in this novel is so immersive and so atmospheric!! It was part mystery, part ghost story, and a touch of romance. While spooky and unique, it has such valuable lessons on grief and life.

I thoroughly enjoyed it, and chatting with Jaime Jo Wright on an IG Live! Check out the recap below!

Author Chat with Jaime Jo Wright –

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