None of This is True
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Book: None of This Is True
Author: Lisa JewellLisa Jewell
Genre: Thriller
Pub Date: August 8
Publisher: Atria Books

This is so brilliantly done!


None of This is True follows a podcaster named Alix best known for her famous show that highlights women who have come into their own, risen above circumstance to become highly successful. As she’s trying to figure out what comes next, she meets a woman with a unique idea. What if she brings someone on who is just starting out? A woman on the brink of becoming?

Josie is a woman ready to start fresh. Married at a young age to an abusive husband, she is stuck in a routine of monotony. Josie wants to leave but feels stuck. She hopes that by sharing her story, she’ll find the strength to do what she needs to do.

this is not the final cover – this is an ARC

So Alix invites Josie onto her podcast to share each step as she undoes her life, makes new choices and starts a new. But…surprise…she’s crazy pants! As Alix hosts Josie and invites her to share her story, she also invites her into her home. And soon, Alix isn’t sure if everything Josie is telling her lines up.

“And there it is, the point which it all boils down to eventually. The point where there are no words, no theories, no explanations for behaviors that baffle and infuriate and hurt.”


This is so fast paced and propulsive. I couldn’t put it down! I knew it was going to end badly but I couldn’t look away. Josie is a TRIP. She’s cunning and smart and manipulative. If you’ve ever experienced someone with bi-polar disorder, you know that sometimes they actually believe the lies they tell. They’ve told them for so long they believe them. And that’s the heart of this story.

This is Lisa Jewell at her best. It is witty, and dark, and creatively told. Interspersed throughout the story are highlights from a Netflix series made about the incident. So as you read Josie’s version you learn a possible parallel truth. It leaves you on edge and you quickly learn None of This is True!

Thank you Atria books for an early ARC.
Coming August 8, 2023. This will be the thriller of the summer!

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