The Beartown Series
Non Holiday Winter Reading

Not all December books need to be holiday books! I have the perfect winter reading recommendation for you – the Beartown Series by Fredrik Backman.

Winter Reading

We already have a lot of snow here in Colorado. Which got me thinking of these books. So I’m here to remind you of this powerful, heartfelt series from Fredrik Backman, the NYT Bestselling author of Anxious People. Book one is even an HBO original series you can watch on Amazon Prime.  Rediscover this “lyrical look at how a community heals, how families recover, and how individuals grow” (The Washington Post) with the complete Beartown Series now in paperback.

Three Book Set

This immersive series is set in a tiny hockey town deep in the northern forests of Sweden, where everyone knows everyone and everyone stays in line. Until they don’t. In Book 1, Beartown, the town is rocked by a shocking act of violence. As accusations and rumors fly, the town must grapple with its identity as never before. This book does a wonderful job documenting the current culture surrounding youth sports – the parental pressures, the school dismissals, youth entitlement and the community obligations. You will fall in love with these characters and ache for what’s lost. 

In book 2, Tensions rise when it’s rumored that the Beartown hockey team will be disbanded in Us Against You. The entire future of the team and the town hinges on an upcoming game that could change everything forever.

And finally, the series that “deftly explores recovery and rebirth” (Us Weekly) comes to an evocative conclusion with The Winners. The residents must face difficult questions and determine just want they are willing to sacrifice for their home.

Filled with themes of family, loyalty, forgiveness, community, and redemption these books are perfectly read on a snowy day snuggled up by the fire. Just be sure to purchase a box of Kleenex, you won’t finish with dry eyes! 

The Beartown Series

Thank you @simonandschuster for sending along this new paperback set! You can order a copy here.

? What’s another non-holiday themed book you have loved this time of year?


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