The Mystery Guest
Audiobook Review

“What is hope if not the decision to shine light in the dark?” – The Mystery Guest

It’s so fun to return to Molly Gray and her world.  This time we get not one, but TWO stories, as we see what Molly is up to as the Head Maid at the Regency Grand Hotel and also the backstory of her childhood with her Gran. You get a better understanding of not only how she came to be a maid, but also why she uses such archaic turns of phrase. 

Full of wit, wisdom, and pluck, it is truly delightful to hear more from Molly. This time around, there is a death of a famous author at the hotel during a convention and book signing.  Everyone from staff to guest is a suspect.  And of course, Molly finds herself in the middle of it all.

“Isn’t it interesting how a person can be as present after death as they are in life?”

I don’t think you need to have read the first book to enjoy this.  Especially since there was so much backstory.  It does read as a stand a lone.  But I enjoyed being in her orbit again and seeing her growth from the first book.  I wish Juan Manual was in it more, but it was creative how he was worked in.  I would welcome more from this highly entertaining series and love thee idea of Molly the Detective next!

Thank you to PRH Audio for the early listen! 

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