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Jack | RV Senior Portraits
Boulder Senior Portraits

As the only boy on my brand ambassador team this year, Jack has a special place in my heart. It seems pretty gutsy to me to be the only guy! But that definitely didn’t stop him from making the most of his time. I love that Jack is so smart and driven. He wants to be an engineer! I can’t even begin to imagine the kind of dedication and time that takes. Jack goes to Ralston Valley, where he’s involved in everything from Choir to Garden Club. He’s also big into community service and is active in the mentor program at Ralston Valley. I could probably just brag on this kid all day! Jack is a little shy on shoots but that can make for some fun images when he comes out of his shell. It’s a cool thing to watch!

For Jack’s images, we tried to capture his love of the outdoors. So, we headed up to Boulder and wandered around some parks for some mountain views and fields. I LOVED how this session turned out. Jack brought all kinds of little things for detail shots. We got his ring, a stack of books, and a snowboard among other things! We ended up at a lookout over Boulder and enjoyed some really lovely sunset colors to finish off the session. This was definitely one to remember.

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