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Dream Big by Bob Goff is the perfect book to help you take that next step to not only pursuing your dreams, but to make a difference in this world. He reminds us that life isn’t just about making money but making life matter. And that our brokenness can be the path to others healing.

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I love Bob Goff! His book Love Does was life giving for me at a crucial time in my journey. It’s a book I always give to grads & newlyweds &  anyone that asks. I’ve been to his school in Uganda & seen first hand all the ways he lives out his mission of loving others with no agenda. This is a man who’s actions match his word. Now I may need to start giving out this book instead. ⁣

Dream Big provides practical applications & strategies for living life “???????? ???????????? ???????????????? ???????? ????????????????????”. It’s for those not only seeking a plan for their life but a purpose. He does this though his casual style of conversational storytelling. Reading this book feels like going to coffee with a favorite Uncle! Each chapter is short but filled with inspiring and practical wisdom to encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and DO something with your faith. But not just anything, something BIG. Something that helps others.⁣

Bob Goff is passionate about life and he wants to push others to want to live a bigger, more meaningful life. He believes that we need to engage with people – ALL people, people with different views and values and backgrounds – by loving them well. And that our ambitions should make a difference in the world. ⁣

What to Expect

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In Dream Big he shares how to:⁣

– define your dreams & ambitions⁣
– identify whats holding you back⁣
– come up plan to move forward⁣
– develop tools to take action⁣

I love that in ???????????????????? ???????????? Bob stresses the importance of listening. To look for hope in the middle of chaos. He encourages us to always be learning, always be asking, and trying to make life better. When you continue to be a student you can always grow. And he wants us to be brave! We aren’t called to a life that is safe and we are meant to intercede on behalf of those without a voice. ⁣

This is such a timely book as we all seek ways to live differently & amplify the voices around us.

Thank you to TLC Book Tours, Bob Goff, and Thomas Nelson Publishing for providing me a copy to read and review. To read other reviews, please follow along on Momma Leighellen’s Book Nook Blog!

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  1. Sara says:

    I’m reading this one as well and I already have so many notes on the pages! Thank you for being on this tour. Sara @ TLC Book Tours

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