Jane In Love
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“She preferred a good book to an assembly and liked to wander the countryside alone for hours.” – Jane, Jane in Love.

Oh, can you see why a lot of us bookish peeps so easily fell in love with Jane Austen? She is one of us, my friends. A little bit awkward, a touch defiant, and probably more in love with her books than other people. If you are an ardent Austen fan, you will enjoy this fresh concept on our favorite author.

What’s Jane In Love About?

In this modern story, a young Jane is transported to the present day, when a spell sends her into the future to find her true love. Jane awakens and finds herself on the set of a movie remake of one of her books, that she does not yet knows exists. She befriends a fading actress, Sofia, who takes her under her wing and brings her home to stay with her at her brother Fred’s house. What follows is a hilarious look at Jane’s perception of current day devices and customs.

“They had conjured so many devices to save time and make life easier, yet everyone walked around faster and looked more anguished.”

What did I think about Jane in Love?

It’s also fun to see Jane in a healthy relationship where she is doted on and adored. But as Jane begins to spend more time with Fred and settles in to modern life, Sofia realizes that the books Jane wrote in the past are slowly disappearing. They both begin to understand the importance of getting Jane back to her real life. But at this point Jane is falling for Fred and may not want to leave. Does she stay and get to know love and have a family and get her happily ever after, but at the cost of not writing books? Or does she walk away from the love of her life so that she an become a famous author.

“The blackest time is before a breakthrough. That is the point you must persevere. That moment when all seems lost? You must trust your heart.”

Keep the hankies handy for the ending on this one! A very sweet, fun look at Jane in love. Thank you to TLC Book tours for sending this book my way!

This book came out Oct 27, 2020. It can be purchased here or you can even listen on Audio via Libro FM. To check out more reviews, head to my blog. To follow along on the latest books I’m reading or to enter in a giveaway, please go to my Instagram influencer account.

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