Radium Girls
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Have I bragged lately about how much I love Libro FM?  As a professional photographer, I spend a lot of time both in my office staring at a screen and in my car driving to shoots.  No matter how may times my friend @suethebookie raved about her love of audiobooks,  I somehow never thought they were for me.  But then I finally tried out Libro FM and I am hooked! 

What the heck was I waiting for?!?!  Audio books are THE BEST!!  It’s like I’m learning to read all over again.  It’s been so nice to listen to books while endlessly editing or to put my mind at ease as I’m heading to a photoshoot (I still get nervous EVERY time, even though I’ve been shooting for over 15 years!). I can read a book while folding laundry, taking out the trash, and doing the dishes. I suddenly have twice the reading time!

Last night @pattyisbooked and @mary_reagans_books hosted our first chat for Radium Girls, a fantastic choice for #nonfictionnovember.  This book is blowing my mind and crushing my soul a little.  How had I never heard of this before?  The story centers around a group of young girls, some as young as 14, who work at a watch factory.  They hand paint the numbers on the dials with a substance to help the watch glow in the dark.  Unfortunately, the substance is radium and the girls have no idea how harmful it is.  They are told by their employer to lip point – which is when you put the tip of the brush in your mouth before dipping it in the paint.  They did this over and over and over throughout the day, ingesting radium each time. 

I was fascinated by the history, the story, and the effects these girls lives had on our future labor policies.  As they all began to get sick, no one understands the cause.  They develope sores in their mouths, pains in their joints, and horrible headaches.  They begin to think it is something at the plant, but no one will listen to them.  It is frightening when you read how helpless they were to get help and create change.  

But it is also hope filled.  After several girls die and many more get painful tumors, a few brave gals rally together and take their fight for justice to court.  In the end, they are the reason we have health regulations and a national safety administration! While meticulously researched, this true story reads like a science fiction novel.   I love that the author tells the story through letters, diary entries, family stories, medical reports, and case notes.  It is thorough but completely compelling. I’m so thankful their story was finally told!

You can order the book an Amazon or from your local bookstore, like The Book Bar in Denver. If you want more Non Fiction Book ideas, you can check out the list in my Amazon storefront. Are you learning about someone or something this month for non fiction November? 

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