The Ancestor
Momma Leighellen's Book Review

“Tell me, child, do we ever escape the evils of the past?” – The Ancestor

The Ancestor is an incredibly spooky, heartbreaking, jaw dropping tale and was a huge hit for me. I think because I truly love historical fiction, I was drawn to the parts of the story based in cryptozoology. There were so many fascinating details about genealogy, anatomy, and culture I was immediately drawn in to this fascinating mountain culture. I also loved how the author manages to tie in so many myths from across the globe into one creepy yet believable tale.

“We don’t choose our birthright. It comes to us whether we like it or not.”

In the Ancestor, we follow Alberta “Bert” Monte from the moment she gets a letter that changes her life. She finds out that a distant relative has passed away and she has inherited everything, including a castle hidden deep in the Alps. She hops a plane to see for herself and ends up trapped, not only literally in the mountains but also figuratively in the middle of a family saga beyond your imagination. Her ancestors are more than just nobility. They are originals.

“Those who came before us, with their family names and genetic legacies. Family was who we loved and who we protected. Family was the tribe we created here and now.”

When she learns the truth, she has to decide if she’s going to accept her fate and her place in this family, as protector of a legacy. Or will she try to figure out a way to escape and allow her blood line to die out. As she struggles with what to do next, she immerses herself deeper into family history and the culture of the people on the mountain.

“They would always be with me, even after I was far away from that mountain. From the moment I was born, they had accompanied me through life. And when I died, I would join them again.”

CW: miscarriage, suicide, child death 

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