Just Like Home
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“My prayer is that this book transports you away from your troubles and envelopes you in the charm, romance and wistfulness we all need a little more of these days.”

These were the author, Courtney Walsh hopes for her book, Just Like Home.  I’d say mission accomplished!  Who’s isn’t ready for a big old dose of sunshine right now?  This little ray of light was such a delight to read and yes, a perfect escape.  If you like a sweet, charming, faith filled romance this one has all the makings of your favorite hallmark movie.

What’s It About?

The story starts with Charlotte, an isolated prima ballerina who’s best friend is killed in a car accident.  The starlet heads to the small town where her friend lived to attend the funeral.  Once she’s there, she decides to honor her bestie by taking over the dance recital they had been planning before she passed away.  Along the way, she ends up falling hard for Cole, the local football coach, a rough around the edges guy who likes to keep his distance.  Naturally, the two can’t help but bump into each other and when they do, the sparks fly!

“I want someone to love the parts of me that no one’s cheering for.”

My Thoughts

I loved the message this book portrays of the importance of being loved just for being you.  Charlotte has a cruel, driven Mom who’s told Charlotte since she was a girl that her identity is tied to her performance. Charlotte believes she has no value beyond ballet.  Meanwhile, Cole has been burned by so many people he has loved that he feels unloveable.  I think it’s a message we can all relate to.  So often we all strive to be something we aren’t, to earn love and respect from others.  But that’s not what love really is.  To be loved is to be known and accepted for who we are when we strip away the titles and the affirmations.   

It was easy to connect with these characters and their journey through loss, disappointment, regret and finally renewal.  This was actually the fourth book in a series that all takes place in Harbor Point, but the book reads as a stand alone and you don’t need to have any prior knowledge of the town or it’s characters.  You will, however, want to immediately run out and get the other books! 

To Order Just Like Home

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