The Twelve Dates of Christmas
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If you are looking to get into the holiday spirit, look no further than this festive little romcom. It is set in the tiny town of Blexford, England and has plenty of vintage charm.  The Twelve Dates of Christmas is FILLED with classic holiday cheer from it’s snowy setting to the traditional town carolers. It’s also got minced pies and ginger bread house building adventures so there is surely something to fill your heart with joy in this fun, romantic tale!

What’s it about?

The story follows 34 year old Kate Turner, far more successful as a designer and baker than she is in her love life.  As the holidays approach, she signs up with a dating agency to plan 12 dates over the days leading up to Christmas.  The dates are all holiday themed and include everything from ice skating to Christmas cooking.  She just has to show up and hope one of them sticks. Of course, antics ensue and some dates are not only disastrous but hilarious.  


The concept of this book is so cute!  I wanted to write down all the date ideas and go do some with my husband.  It’s also a unique timeframe as most books, especially romcoms, take place over a long period of time.  This literally takes place as the story unfolds over just under three weeks.  It keeps the story flowing quickly but sometimes it gets bogged down in places. The author has to provide lots of backstory on a number of characters to give the story depth.  

It’s easy to see early on where this is headed. Yet it is fresh and fun and I enjoyed it a lot! Especially considering how much dating is done online and how so many of us are stuck indoors, I lived vicariously through all her fun experiences! Enter to win this book in a flash giveaway in my stories today! 

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