Lucy Clark will NOT Apologize
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Lucy Clark will NOT Apologize

Pub Date: May 11

Publisher: Epic Reads and Quill Tree Books

Author: Margo Rabb

384 Pages


Are you a botanical beast who loves flowers and gardens?  Do you also love contemporary YA? What about a solid mystery? If so, I think you will enjoy this this witty and whimsical contemporary YA novel by award-winning author Margo Rabb.  Lucy Clark will NOT Apologize is so beautifully written. It manages to do what I love best about this genre: exploring heavy issues with a light tough, plenty of humor, and unforgettable characters that you will fall in love with!! Plus, it’s full of gardens and seeds and botany!

 The story follows a troubled teen named Lucy. She is a 16 year old girl living in a boarding school while her neglectful parents tour the inspirational speaker circuit.  The boarding school is NOT a fun place. Mean girls, daft teachers, and an all around negative atmosphere. After a series of unfortunate bullying incidents, Lucy decides to fight back, however she gets suspended. As part of her punishment, the school sends her to take care of an eccentric, elderly woman with dementia named Edith who lives alone in a NYC apartment.  


The punishment turns out to be just what Lucy needed. Edith is nothing like what Lucy expected and an instant friendship blooms between them.  Edith is glamorous and her world is full of hidden gardens and afternoon tea.  Unfortunately, she believes she is being followed and that someone is out to get her.  Lucy is one of the only people who believes her and tries to help Edith unravel the mystery. 

While listed as YA, I felt like this book was more Middle Grade, however. But it was very charming. I feel like this would be a good fit for lovers of Junie B Jones, Encyclopedia Brown, and even The Truly Devious series. All the side characters have their own storyline and depth. This one is part coming of age story, part mystery, allllllll the friendship feels. It’s a sweet book about finding your place in the world and the people who matter most.  

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