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“May you take my mistakes and use them as lessons.” – Remi Adeleke, Transformed


Transformed is an inspiring story of a young thief turned Navy Seal/pastor/ actor named Remi Adeleke and his amazing and transformative life story.  Born into royalty in Nigeria, raised in poverty in the Bronx, Adeleke takes you through his journey from childhood hustler to decorated Navy Seal and beyond.  

“I may not be able to transform the land of my birth, and I definitely won’t be able to transform the whole world, but I can influence those God places in front of me.  And any little seed I can plant may be the one that generates the necessary transformation.” – Remi Adeleke, Transformed


I loved this honest and humble tale that leaves no stone unturned from Adeleke’s past.  He shares his troubled youth stealing shoes, selling phones, and pawning his mother’s engagement ring.  He catches a break when a woman named Tiana Reyes clears his record and enlists him in the military.  The structure and dedication are just what he needed to begin to put his life back together. 

Even when he becomes a Navy Seal, he hits roadblocks in the form of drinking, women, and an inability to swim! This story is all about perseverance, redemption, and a little divine intervention.  If you’re looking for inspiration or a peek into life as a Navy Seal, this book is for you! 

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