The Heart Principle
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“He matters more to me than the voices in my head.” Anna, in The Heart Principle

I think The Heart Principal is Helen Huong’s best, most thought provoking and heartwarming book to date. Yes, it is hella steamy but it’s also rich in storytelling, deep in emotional connection, and honest in its representation of mental health.  I also really enjoyed the thoughtful truths represented regarding family care giving. 

The story follows a young woman named Anna who is struggling to find her voice. In her relationships, in her professional career, and in her family.  When her almost fiancé dumps her instead of proposing, she decides she needs a one night stand to reset her.  But she sucks at it.  She’s too closed off, too in her head, too stressed out to enjoy such a thing.  

She ends up connecting with a man named Quan via a dating app.  He’s such an in depth, rich character written straight out of our dreams!  He’s a classic Harley riding, tough guys, entrepreneur.  But when it comes to Anna, he’s patient and kind.  He slowly gets her to communicate her needs. He stands up for her and helps her learn how to trust her gut and do the same.  

“Perhaps this is what I’ve always needed without knowing it. To love myself without shame and without reservation.”

This is a diverse, powerful, and inspiring story about being brave enough to love yourself so that you can love others.  We can’t fill others up from an empty well.  

Thank you for sending this fantastic book! 

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