Six Crimson Cranes
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I couldn’t wait another second to love on this unique YA fantasy book that I adored!!!  I finished it over the weekend for another #YouBetYA2021 pick and highly recommend it.  Six Crimson Cranes is true YA suitable for middle grade and teen readers.  

“Find the light that makes you shine. Hold on to it, even when the dark surrounds you.” – Six Crimson Cranes

This is a coming of age story, family drama, and mystery all rolled into one.  The story centers around Princess Shiori, a young girl who has magical powers that she tries to keep hidden.  When her step mother finds out, she turns Shiori’s brothers into cranes and banishes her from the kingdom.  Shiori, with the help of a tiny oragamie bird sidekick and a dragon she befriends, heads out on a quest to try to solve the riddles – both of how to fix her brother’s curse and why her stepmother is doing this. 

Along the way, she learns more about the root of her magic and her place, not only within her kingdom but in her family. I loved the world building, the merging of Asian culture and mythology, the unique characters, and the sibling bonds.  The snarky Seryu the dragon stole the show for me and I wanted more of his character.  But the ending sets up a sequel in the land of the dragons, so I’m excited to return for more!  

“No matter where life takes you, you will be like the stars – connected by the light you shine together.” – Six Crimson Cranes

This is a well rounded, entertaining, fast read that immerses you in a new world. Shiori is a resilient, determined, and brave heroine.  Her love for her family pushes her beyond what she ever dreamed she could accomplish and is easy to root for.  A delightful + unique story! 

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