A Million Things
Momma Leighellen's Book Review

“Knowing you is not one thing, it was never just one thing.  It’s a million things.  And now the place holding them together is me.”

A Momma Leighellen’s Book Club Pick

Over the weekend I got to chat with the lovely @emilyspurr and some of my friends from #mommaleighellensbookclub .  We discussed her new book, A Million Things.  This is a beautiful, tender story that follows fifty five days in the life of a ten year old girl, after a tragic event leaves her alone.  She struggles to survive and find a new normal all while trying to avoid catching the eye of adults out of fear of losing even more.

“The whole world is busy.  If I keep my head down no one will look. We’re invisible next to the bustle.”

As she tries to go through the routines of her day – going to school, walking the dog, watering the plants – she catches the eye of an elderly neighbor.  The two become unlikely friends and begin to help each other through their grief and inevitable changes, but both suffer from trust issues and allowing others in. 

“Concerned pretends care but it’s all about making you do things.  Concerned means ‘I know best.’ Concerned is when your life isn’t good enough.” 

This is a beautiful look at mental health, found families, and grief all through the eyes of a young girl.  This unique perspective allows the story to feel lighter and more hope filled despite the difficult subject matter. An absolute gem that shouldn’t be missed and can be enjoyed by adults and youth alike.  This is a story that transcends genre and makes for lovely discussion. 

“Memories are like houses.  It’s like going back to a place that you remember only to find it’s not there anymore.  They scaffold, curate it, make you feel safe and secure.  But it’s not real.  Most of your life is just memories and some of them are not even that clear.”

Thank you @Emilyfor you time and sharing this heartfelt novel with us. This story has my whole heart. Its a book that makes you feel it in your core. A book that makes you ache and hug the people you love a little tighter.

But wait, there’s MORE!

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