We Were Never Here
Momma Leighellen's Book Review

We Were Never Here is my first thriller in the books for October!!  

This is the time of year I want all the spooky, spine tingly reads.  We Were Never Here was my first pick in my #tenthrillertales part II stack. That’s a stack challenge I’m hosting with some friends on IG. But what a way to kick off the month!!   

We Were Never Here is psychological thriller filled with twists that kept me guessing til the end.  It follows two friends who head out on a backpacking trip that takes a darker turn.  As more about the event unfolds, more backstory is also told. And soon there may be a pattern instead of an accident.

It’s a tougher read than I expected, so check the TW/CW before starting.  The basis of the book revolves around rape and assault, so be aware if that is triggering. I didn’t really like EITHER character, which can sometimes turn me off to a book.  But the concept of this one was so good and I really wanted to know how it was going to come together. The ending wins the day on this one so I’m glad I hung in there for it!

This book is downright stalkerish and a bit unsettling, so if you need a book for that thriller pile, check this one out! A very entertaining and fast, if not predictable read.

What’s Next, You Ask?

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