Wholehearted Faith
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It was so good to be inside the head and heart of Rachel Held Evans again, even if it was for a short time and with an assist from Jeff Chu, the cocurator of Evolving Faith.  Wholehearted Faith still felt fully Rachel. Rachel always had such a curious, wonder filled, open approach to faith, life, and loving others that has inspired and encouraged me throughout my faith walk.

She knew life was hard, often unfair, and sometimes confusing.  She still encouraged us to boldly reach out to others, to ask hard questions, and push our selves to love well.  “If we make ourselves vulnerable to the possibility of hurt, we open our selves to the hope of healing. To the hope of being touched by that ridiculous grace.” 

Throughout the Wholehearted Faith book, published posthumously, she muses about everything from faith to being OK with not having all the answers, from living a christian life to spiritual contradictions.  Her hope is that through her own questioning, you can be invited to stop running away and start pressing in. 

“Wholeheartedness means that we can be doubtful and still find rest in the tender embrace of a God who isn’t threatened by human inconsistency. We can ask bold questions, knowing God loves us not in spite of them but because of them. Whole hearted living requires taking risks, cultivating vulnerability, and embracing uncertainty.”

I tabbed the heck out of this book and felt refreshed and renewed when I finished.  She has a way of making things that feel overwhelming just simple and easy.  Loving your enemy isn’t hard when we think of the greater good of communities coming together. When your focus is listening instead of being heard.  Rachel continues to be a blessing and a guide. 

I think her husband said it best “ The best way to remember Rachel is to embody her approach to others, her approach to faith and doubt, her approach to this fragile, fleeting life – wholehearted.”  This book comes out Nov 2, 2021 from @harperone. Thank you @shelfseekers for sending along this book! 

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